How to effectively change behaviour in 6 to 8 weeks combining deep understanding of organisational psychology, coaching process and management? Based on a case of one managerial developmental program we will present approach that includes the following steps: individual & organisational diagnosis, selection of one or two concrete areas of development for each participant, individual work with one-on-one with a consultant, evaluation of change results.

The main question is how you decide what to change for each participant of a management development program? In our approach we focus on two main sources of information:

  • Organisational diagnosis (e.g. organisational strategy and goals, candidate job description)
  • Psychological profile of each candidate: temperament, work motivation-related personality traits, situational motivational factors (job characteristics), managerial competencies, and managerial style.

How consultants work with participants? Consultations are conducted at the company setting and a strictly related to the every-day tasks of participants. In addition, the participants are assigned some “home-work” that often is checked via mail or phone.

Results of the Challenge Based Development™ program. The typical changes of the program are of a qualitative nature. As a result of the program managers for example change:

  • Goals of meetings with subordinates from strictly informational to making decisions, assigning tasks etc.
  • The way the managers utilised such planning tools as Microsoft Outlook
  • From management based on mostly coordination towards based on improving cooperation in the department.